August 2020 Statements are available
Today, optical buying groups are very similar, but the Villavecchia Buying Group is special. Created in 1980, we were one of the first buying groups to exist.  We are a family owned and managed business in continuous operation for over 40 years.  We pride ourselves as having the finest reputation for accurate, prompt and detailed monthly statements.  We also provide a yearly summation of your purchases from each supplier, listed and totaled by month, to help with planning and budgeting.

We offer discounts up to 3% better than most other groups.  This means you realize greater cash flow savings from each purchase, which allows you more profit and/or more competitive prices to your customers. Compare and review our price discount list to other groups' pricing and you will see for yourself.  We add no extra management fee.  All we ask is that you use at least three (3) of our suppliers.

If you wish to join the Villavecchia Buying Group, please email or fax a completed application form.  For a reference about our buying group, feel free to call the credit department of any of our suppliers.


The Villavecchia Family